Hello and welcome to the G Gibson Photo Art Gallery my name is Glenn the photographer and curator of the gallery. Each gallery photograph features either the towns, rural communities, natural splendor, historical architecture, or estuary influenced way of life found across Maryland's Chesapeake Bay Region.

Whether I am taking photographs or conducting research my ongoing travels take me from St. Mary's County on the lower Western Shore, north to Cecil County at the upper recesses of the Chesapeake Bay down to the southern most boundary of Somerset County on the lower Eastern Shore. No matter my particular travel destination they serve for a wellspring of visual inspiration along with an opportunity to socialize with Bay area residents. In turn these singular experiences are conveyed to gallery patrons both through my photo art and journal entries.

While a bio tends to be a summary of an individuals background, qualifications, education, and related pursuits permit me to convey a bit about my photography along with the early motivations and experiences that have guided me along the way. First of all I have been photographing on a regular basis Maryland's Chesapeake Bay Region for a fair number of years. I began doing so not long after having become enamored with the scenic beauty, history and citizenry of the Chesapeake Bay region after numerous personal visits to the area. In fact attraction was so intense that I purchased a house on a tributary creek hundreds of yards from the central western shoreline of the Chesapeake Bay. It was from there that my daily interactions with numerous aspects of Chesapeake Bay life became interwoven with an already present interest in the regions history and period architecture, hence my photographic interest evolved in earnest.

Over the following years I would put thousands of miles on my used Volvo annually, along with photographing my way through a succession of five Canon and Nikon cameras while taking over 70 thousand images. As an aside, and for those so interested, I only take photographs using a 36 megapixel FX DSLR camera with an assortment of professional series lenses. In any case it was during those years of "camera growth" if you would, that I refined my location awareness and historical research skills, the latter having originated back in my college years. Eventually it came to the point that I would be annotating my photographs to such a degree of detail that the photographs at tines would serve as part of a larger presentation.

While my photography travels continue to take place on a regular basis I am also called upon to host presentations on a variety of subjects related to my creative interests. As to the public's familiarity with my photo art it is held in the collections of individuals from across the county and is can be found on display in a various venues including historic Inns, retail institutions and professional offices throughout the region. Currently I am working on two Bay related documentary projects, one pertaining to the vanishing vestiges of the Chesapeake while the second one is a visual examination of the convergence of the Colonial economy and various historical churches since the 1700s.

Let me now conclude this bio by restating that my style of photography is that of realism, certainly a discipline that I am quite comfortable being associated with in my creative endeavors. As such I believe that a worthy photograph stands well on its own being based on the photographer's singular perspective and interpretation of the subject. In addition the photograph should truly depict both the lighting and colors at the time that it was taken, the caveat being without the the need for post processing alternations or enhancements. So in essence true perspective of a setting, as visualized at the time it was taken, is what I strive to convey in my photo art.

I hope that you enjoy your gallery visit and feel free to contact me via the gallery's main menu option.


G J Gibson

Photographer • Historian • Curator of Maryland's Chesapeake Bay Region