A Late Winter Gathering For Rest And Food On The Western Shore Of The Chesapeake Bay

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Canadian Geese Chesapeake Bay Friendship MarylandA Stop Along The Chesapeake Bay I set off earlier this afternoon for a trip down the shoreline of the Chesapeake Bay, beginning in south Anne Arundel County and ending in north Calvert County, in order to prepare for an upcoming photo shoot set for early Spring. Recognizing that the skies were probably going to remain overcast for the balance of the day I thought that the likely hood of taking any photographs today was going to be fairly small.

I drove along a winding narrow road just outside of
Deale and followed the contours of the Bay for a good twelve miles or so heading towards Chesapeake Beach. After about ten minutes the road began to change from being almost perfectly level, in relationship to the water laying just off to the left hand side, into more of a noticeable incline like that of a small mountain road. The landscape was now craggy in appearance, similar to that found on the coastlines in Maine, with high cliffs interspersed with deep ravines. I passed by homes of various styles and up keep that lined the shoreline with a number of them commanding what appeared to be spectacular views of the Chesapeake Bay. The road continued to climb upwards as it curved back and forth requiring me to keep a close eye out for the occasional car approaching me as well as the narrow shoulders that seemed to drop off sharply into the ravines on either side.

Canadian Geese Friendship Maryland Western Chesapeake Bay Shoreline G Gibson Photo ArtA Late Afternoon Meal On The Bay Finally I began my descent down what would turn out to be the last hill where upon reaching the bottom of it saw that the ground in front of me was now flat and more indicative of what one normally finds along the mid Bay shoreline. On my right an expanse of land that possibly had been a farmers field in the not to distant past was today the location of a couple of dozen estate style homes set on one acre plots. It was there that I also came across a well trimmed three acre lawn on the Bay side of the road.

All across it one could see a number of slight depressions in the ground where the recent rains had pooled and now two dozen
Canadian Geese had settled on it perhaps during a stop over as they headed north. The scene was comprised of groups of geese a few of which were using their bills to forage through the grass while others seemed content to stand or rest near the standing water.

I had been observing this scene going on ten or fifteen minutes or so when I first began to recognize that there were four or five societal groups within this larger flock. Just beyond the areas where those different groups had established themselves two or three males were attempting to get the attention of a couple of stand offish female geese, without any apparent success it seemed. There was also one goose keeping to itself, as seen in the picture above, that never approached the rest of the flock for the entire time that I was there. Remembering that this is the beginning of the breeding season for the
Branta Canadensis, through April I believe, and also it was now the time of day when the flock would normally feed I settled in to watch the different goings on here for what seemed to be another half hour.

I decided to return to the car for my camera so as to take a couple of pictures of this migratory Bay shoreline scene which had captured my attention for almost an hour at that point. Even with the light not quite right for what I would consider to be a gallery photograph I thought that in the end they probably would work out just fine for a journal post about my afternoon spent with this flock of Canadian Geese.

G J Gibson

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