A Seasonal Change Of Colors At St. John's College Annapolis Maryland

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Autumn Foliage & Cloudy Skies

It seems to me at least that this year's Autumn foliage has been slow to arrive in Annapolis Maryland possibly due to the marginal amounts of rain that fell in August combined with an extended period of precipitation during the latter part of September. While precisely predicting when the leaves on the area's Maple, Oak and Elm trees will change has never been an exact science general assumptions can usually be made.

For example in Annapolis the majority of trees on the grounds of the Maryland State House normally start to display their Autumn colors around mid October, except the Maples on the north side of State Circle that for the most part begin changing at the beginning of the same month. In the Murray Hill area of the City the majority of the stately mature trees along the neighborhood streets normally begin to change colors in early October, although their leaves tend to transition from green to yellow to brown over a more extended period of time than those at the State House. In addition Murray Hill has more Japanese Maple trees that often begin to change colors in late September, thereby contributing to the perception of an earlier transition to Autumn foliage.

At St. John's College, the venue for the above featured photo show, the number of Red and Silver Maple trees found across campus appears visually larger than at either of the two other areas. Along the east campus lawn there are long rows of mature trees, mostly Oaks, that throughout the Spring and Summer provide a canopy of shade for the students and visitors seeking relief from the heat of the sun. As at the Maryland State House the Maple trees at St. John's usually begin to change colors in late September, or very early October, while its larger mature Oaks begin their seasonal transition in mid October.

So as was previously stated Autumn's colorful arrival in Annapolis this year has been sluggish at best. The leaves of the Maple trees at the State House are now only halfway through their color transformation, while the majority of the Oak trees there have just begun to change colors and here Halloween is two days away.

After reviewing the past five or six years of my photographs taken throughout Autumn in Annapolis I can say the color of this year's foliage is two or three weeks behind from where it normally is at the end of October.

As to the photographs included in this journal entry all were taken on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week when overcast, along with rainy, conditions dominated the Annapolis skies. While certainly sunshine would have provided a brighter backdrop, when it comes to the amount of time that a changed leaf will remain on the branch of a young Maple tree it is brief at best, often just a matter of days. So for this reason I opted to take this year's photographs of the changing Autumn Maple leaves at St. John's College this week.


G J Gibson

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