Ordering & Gallery Photo Art Information Guide

This guide contains information detailing the ordering process, photo print sizes, paper types, online payment method options as well as my privacy policy. In the event that you have additional questions then please use the Contact menu option at the top of any web page to send me a message and I will be happy to answer them for you.


The Ordering Process


From Within A Gallery

To purchase a photograph from any of the galleries at G Gibson Photo Art please use the following instructions (while these steps will seem intuitive to the purchaser once they have selected the Buy button I wanted to list them here as a reference):

- select the photograph that you would like to purchase
- click on the BUY button located above the photograph
- an inner window will open asking you to SELECT a photograph
- if the photograph that you have chosen is available in different sizes you will be able to select which one for your print
- select the type of paper that you want your photograph to be printed on (see below for a description of those paper types)
- click on the ADD TO CART button to include your selection in the shopping cart
- a confirmation window of your purchase will open and then select the CHECKOUT NOW link or continue on to view more photographs
- the screen will then display the items in your shopping cart along with a subtotal of your order
- select the CHECKOUT NOW or the CHECKOUT WITH PAY PAL button to continue to the purchaser information screen
- enter your shipping address into the appropriate fields on the screen
- choose a shipping method and then select CONTINUE CHECKOUT
- enter your payment (credit card) information and then select CONTINUE CHECKOUT
- a final confirmation of your order will be displayed for you to approve
- your order will then be processed by the payment authorization system
- a confirmation of your order will then appear on the screen


Post Order Processing

To provide my customers with the best quality photo prints the G Gibson Photo Art Gallery uses a national high quality photo finishing company to print your photographs. Upon notification of your purchase I will provide the image file of your photograph(s) to the printing company that will be used for your order. As such all customer purchases are personally reviewed by myself prior to the order being sent to the printing company. This short step allows me to be made aware of your purchase as well as to monitor the order fulfillment process. After I provide the image file of your photograph(s) to the printing company it will then be printed within 24 hours and sent to you based on your selected shipping method.



During the checkout process the customer may choose the method of shipment for their order based on the projected delivery time and shipping cost.


Sales Tax

The G Gibson Photo Art Gallery is a Maryland corporation located in Historic Annapolis and as such is required by law to collect Maryland Sales Tax for all orders shipped to any address within the state. Orders shipped to a non Maryland address are currently not subject to sales tax.


About The Photo Prints


Sizes and Dimensions

G Gibson Photo Art Gallery photographs are available in either one or multiple standard print sizes including*:

- 10 X 15
- 11 X 14
- 12 X 18
- 16 X 20

My intent in selecting these specific print dimensions is that it allows a customer to be able to use standard stock frame sizes on which to mount their photographs thereby negating the need for custom framing work. Of course a customer can elect to avail themselves of a custom framing medium. Currently I have chosen to not offer framing services through my gallery.

Each photograph includes what is referred to as a white faux matting area around each image that is included within the overall product dimensions listed above and the specific mat size used is based on its proportion to the photograph itself. These side, upper and lower faux mat borders are 1 & 1/2" to 2" around each photograph and balanced within the overall size listed above.

* Not all photographs are available in each of the sizes noted above due to the original image pixel depth.


Photograph Notations

The photograph that you purchased will contain a text title, as seen in the gallery where you selected it from, which is printed in a shaded 12 point type and centered directly beneath the bottom of the image that itself is contained within a 1/2" sub faux mat area outlined in a one point black border line providing for a double matted appearance. This inner faux mat area is part of the overall mat dimensions noted in the previous section. In addition to the title text a small copyright notice
is printed in the far left hand side of the inner faux mat area and to the far right is my signature. Please note that the imbedded faded watermark that you see in the image on the online gallery is removed from the photograph that you have purchased.


Paper Selections

As a customer you may choose from one of two types of paper in which to have your photo art printed. Please read below for a detailed description of the high quality papers that we selected to have our photo art printed on.

Fujicolor’s Crystal Archive Professional Paper Super Type PD is the most popular premium paper. Accurate color, realistic saturation, excellent neutral flesh tone reproduction, and brighter colors are just a few of the attributes describing this paper. You will see improved color saturation and excellent skin-tone reproduction as well as brighter blues, cyan, purples, and reds. The standard longevity is 100 years in home display and 200 years in dark storage.

Kodak Professional Endura Metallic Paper offers a unique pearlescent surface that will make your images really pop. Flesh tones look natural, details are crisp and color s are beautifully saturated. Endura Metallic paper offers natural looking flesh tones, sharp details and beautifully saturated colors. Plus, it is resistant to tearing and curling without any additional lamination. This paper uses a patented combination of film and laminate layers resulting in striking three-dimensional images on an ultra-bright background. You really have to see this paper to appreciate it.


Credit Card Processing & Security Information


Credit Card Information

To insure that a customer's online payment remains secure throughout the checkout process all credit card transactions placed on the G J Gibson Photo Art Gallery website are processed through the PayPal Payment network whether you choose to use a major credit card or a PayPal account. A merchant ID of GGibsonPhoto will appear on your monthly credit card statement indicating the amount charged for your purchase including shipping. Please note that G Gibson Photo Art, at any time during the order process, does not have access to any of your credit card information, again either during or after the completion of your order.
All customer credit card information remains within the PayPal Credit Processing System which is noted for its high level of security meeting the same secure encryption standards as other national credit card processing networks in use today. G Gibson Photo Art is a certified and authorized PayPal business merchant having met their corporate entity, financial, customer satisfaction and credit standards.


Privacy Policy


Use Of Customer Information

The G Gibson Photo Art Gallery respects our patrons privacy and as such has a very clear policy of not sharing and or providing their email addresses or contact information to any outside organizations. Your contact information is secure and only available to myself and, as noted in the credit card security information section above, any payment information for your purchases remains secured within the PayPal Payment Network. If you suspect that the information that you have provided here on the gallery is being used by another party for any purpose please contact me at once and I will look into the matter immediately.

Occasionally I will send out an email to customers announcing a new gallery or special photographs that have been put on display but they will be few and far between. In a nutshell I do not like being bombarded with emails from an entity that I have purchased something from in the past and I will not do the same thing to my patrons.


Contact Us


Questions Or Comments About Your Order

I take a personal interest in knowing that your purchase from the G Gibson Photo Art Gallery was a pleasant experience and if there are any issues or questions concerning your order than please use the Contact menu option to let me know about them.


G J Gibson

G J Gibson Photo Art