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Welcome to the G Gibson Photo Art Gallery and Journal comprising a collection of realism style photographs with related content featuring the towns, rural communities, natural splendor, historical architecture, and estuary influenced way of life across Maryland's Chesapeake Bay Eastern and Western Shores.

Exploring the creative pursuits afforded me as a regional photographer, historian and curator my travels regularly take me south as far as St. Mary's County on Maryland's Western Shore, as well as northward to Cecil County at the upper recesses of the Chesapeake Bay and south down along the Eastern Shore to Somerset County. No matter the particular venue on any given day each destination provides for a wellspring of visual inspiration as well as an opportunity to interact with the citizens of Maryland's Chesapeake Bay region. It is then as a result of these regional travels that I am able to convey my experiences to gallery visitors through both my photo art and the occasional journal entry.


As an aside my photography is aligned more so with the realism style of the genre and as such believe that a good photograph is inherently the result of the photographer's ability to capture a singular moment in time at a given place in a realistic manner. Therefore a realism style photograph should naturally depict the lighting, hues and orientation of the subject or venue as it was taken without any post processing alternations or enhancements.

While my photography and research project pursuits encompass a fair amount of each week's activities I do find myself called upon to lecture or conduct presentations on a variety of subjects associated with my creative and historical interests. As to my gallery photographs they can be found in the collections of individuals from across the country as well as being on display in various regional commercial venues including historic Inns, retail institutions and professional offices.


I have currently undertaken two regional documentary projects, one pertaining to the vanishing architectural vestiges of the Eastern and Western Shores of Maryland's Chesapeake Bay, while the second is an examination of the intertwined relationships of the Maryland Colonial era economy, government and churches beginning in the mid 17th century.


Enjoy your gallery visit and please contact me if I can be of any assistance to you.


G J Gibson

Photographer • Historian • Curator of Maryland's Chesapeake Bay Eastern and Western Shores