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Welcome to the Photo Art Gallery of Maryland photographer, historian and curator Glenn Gibson featuring his singular realism style photographs of the towns, rural communities, natural splendor, historical architecture, and estuary influenced way of life across Maryland's Chesapeake Bay Region.


Gallery photographs are presented for the most part unaltered so as to depict the actual colors and subject natural lighting, along with that of its background, at the time it was taken in keeping with the artist's realism photography style. In addition each black and white photograph has been taken as a monochrome image, rather than it being converted to afterwards. Glenn's camera of choice is a 36 megapixel FX DSLR which he uses in conjunction with an assortment of professional series lenses.




To ensure an enjoyable patron viewing experience featured photographs are organized into specific theme oriented galleries, each of which contains a limited number of prints. Individual photographs are annotated beneath each respective caption to include the location where and perhaps when it was taken, as well as an expanded description and/or artist commentary.




A Notable Citizenry Deadrise & Skipjack Icons of the Chesapeake Singular Boats Indeed
Along the Shoreline Dockside Ambiance Landscapes & Vistas Streetscapes & Pathways
Bay Wildlife Glorious Sunsets Period Architecture The Ubiquitous Sailboat
Dawn thru Sunrise Historical Houses of Worship Seemingly Forgotten